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Beatles R Us
About The Awful

This page is my page where I get to be concieted! :D Just kidding.

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O.K. This is bout me, Layla.

I wus borne in a hospital, like any other hospital. Not an accident tho. Me mum and pap said, "Whut a lovely girle" 'an took me home."

I 'ave a sister 'an a bro. The sister is older and the bro us younger, and I'm in the midle. Like any middle childe, I'm in the midle. I've grown to 15 and in 5 months I be 16. Fab as that! Then I'll be drivin a car or two...I hope.

I 'ave 8 pets. A fish, a fish, 'an a fish. A cat, 'an a cat, 'an a cat, and one more cat. And least 'an least a dog, a goo dog named Shadow. 'An he is a Shadow too. Me cat is Little Bit 'an she be a very silly kitty. She's not muche of a Little Bit, cause she's a biggy kitty.

Not muche more to say 'bout lil ole me. Except I love musics, chocolate, snow, sunshine, The Beatles (with an a), animals, poetry, writing, gardening, roses, movies, 'an peace.

I live where I live and you shouldn't care where that is. Just think of this site as me home, cause in a way it is. I spend hours 'ere anyway. So, there ya go.

Had enough of my Lennonish biography? LOL. I 'ave and I wrote it. It's too hard 'an stuff. So, anyroad, I am a Gemini. I've taken a few quizes about which Beatle I'm most like and it always seems to be either George or Paul, so there you are. And of course I'm me own person, we all are, but I 'ave fun being Paul and George. Or being any Beatle. Me friend 'an I sometimes role play Beatles and I'm either George or Paul, mostly George though. It's all fab.

I own a guitar, I slaved all summer for it and I've got it here. His...and yes he is a he, any way, his name is Hari. Hari after Harrison after George Harrison. I love 'im dearly and he comes places whith me when me parents allowe it.

I got thus lil necklace from me Grandma, and it has a few things that it means. It's a brithstone necklace. According to it, I'm creative, patient, and loyal. Those are all true except the patient thing...which I can be but not allus. Pretty groovy still. Ok, nuff me babbeling bout me, and I hope this cleared everything up. Peace love and happiness unto you!

Wanna chat some time?

Yahoo messanger: layla_loves_george or paul_is_dead_clues

AIM Messanger: LaylaLoveHurts

Drop me a message sometime. :)

La la Layla!

This is the newest pic of me, taken in art class. Me fav class, to be honest. I think I look soooooooooo much better now, and I'll add a smiling pic too.

Layla smiles!

SMILE! It's good for you!

Beatles Songs That describe my Life:

"Good Day Sunshine"
"Here Comes The Sun"
"Got To Get You Into My Life"
"Hello Goodbye"
"Do You Want To Know A Secret"
"Dear Prudence"
"Savoy Truffle"

Songs I Simply Love that aren't by The Beatles:

"Hanging By A Moment"
"Tangled Up In Blue"
"Like A Rolling Stone"
"Waiting On A Friend"
"Can't Always Get What You Want" (good for tormenting younger siblings too)
"Paint It Black"
"Piano Man"
"Every Other Time"
"Come Sail Away"
"Do You Love Me?"
"If I Had A Million Dollars"
"December 63 (Oh What A Night)"
"Beatiful Day"
"Every Breath You Take"
"With Or Without You"
"I Will Survive"

Movies I Love:

"The Emperor's New Groove"
"A Hard Days Night"
"Magical Mystery Tour"
"Yellow Submarine"
"Forrest Gump"
"Lady And The Tramp"
"October Sky"
"Harry Potter"
"Kate And Leopold"
"The Lost Battalion"
"Lean On Me"

I married George!

Me and my baby!

While my guitar gently weeps